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WSP-Parsons Brinckerhoff Facade Engineer (ID# 41567) in Shanghai, China

Facade Engineer (ID# 41567) Shanghai, Shenzhen, China

Category: Engineering - Mechanical/Electrical

Job Type: Full Time

Minimum Experience: 5 years

Required Education: Bachelor's Degree

Job Description

Facade Engineer幕墙工程师

Overall Purpose概述

An Facade Engineer is an engineer showing competence at a junior level, they may start to go out to site. They are able to assume responsibility for the results of simple projects or sections of projects. They still require a level of supervision by a more experienced engineer to carry out designs, calculations and reports. It is expected that they will be able to self check and be able to present a range of solutions to a problem that they are trying to resolve.


Key Responsibilities主要职责

  • Demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge and ability to resolve problems that they are given


  • Assist more senior engineers with the analysis of information production of designs and computations


  • Demonstrate an ability to analyse simple technical designs


  • Demonstrate an ability prepare detailed reports or sections of reports


  • Other duties as requested from time to time


  • Prepare of documentation, proposals and other related tasks


  • Finish system design and calculation independently.


  • Complete the tasks assigned by the superiors


  • The tasks finished shall meet the requirements of company and the superiors


Job Requirements


  • 全日制统招本科及以上学历,有较强的视觉搭配能力,精通AutoCAD、3dsmax、Photoshop等绘图软件的操作与运用。

  • 5年及以上幕墙设计经验;

  • 具有相关门窗、幕墙的深化设计经验;

  • 具有一定的施工管理与现场协调能力;

  • 英语熟练、能独立进行中英文计算书编写者优先

  • 良好的沟通表达能力,责任心强,为人诚实可信,品行端正。

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